Where possible there is a second copy of the presentation with a white background to make it easier to print.
Most of attachments below are in PDF format.  If you don't have a PDF reader you can download a free one here
 Clinic  Presentation and other references
 DCC, Installing and Using Decoder Pro

 Presentation   (large file  3.5MB)

 Presentation  White background 3.3MB

 Creating Models from Photos  Resources
 Weathering Techniques    

 Presentation  (large file 8.2MB)  

Salt Mask Weathering  Presentation

 Additional Information

 Building a Model Railroad with Computer Software

 Presentation   (large file  1.5MB)

 Presentation  White background  2.3MB

 LED Layout Lighting

 Presentation  Updated (large file  2.3MB)  References

 Presentation  White background, 2MB

 Basic Scratch Building

 Presentation     Resources

 Presentation  White background

 Tuning Model Locomotives

 Presentation  (large file 2.6MB)

 Presentation  White background

 Tuning Model Rolling Stock and Track  
 DCC, Panel Pro Presentation  White background 1MB  Notes
 DCC, Advanced Programming for Sound Locomotives

 Presentation  Updated (large file  4.5MB)  Notes for Presentation

 Presentation  White background  3.2MB

 Introduction to Layout Operation using Card Cards and Waybills

 Presentation    (large file  1.5MB)   Examples  (zip file  1.2MB)

 Presentation  White background 

 Realistic Layout Photography in N Scale

 Presentation   (large file  6.5MB)

 Presentation  White background 4.4MB

 Freelancing a Prototype

 Presentation  (large file  3.1MB)            Notes

 Presentation  White background  1.8 MB

 DCC Forum - Your Questions Answered  Resources
 Planning and Designing Your Railroad  Presentation  (large file  12.5MB)
 Modelling the Pilbara

 Presentation  (large file 2MB)

 Presentation  White background  1.8MB

Many of the clinics will be presented twice so you don't miss any.
There will also be several mini clinic presentations during the convention, such as diode matrix for points, basic soldering, servo point motors, Cubelok benchwork, Lenz DCC.